We are having our CUSTOMER APPRECIATION EVENT Black Friday Nov. 26th, 10am-2pm

Where we will have a FREE BBQ while supplies last from 11am to 2pm. 

For this Black Friday Event, we are offering 20 spots for $250 OFF Voucher. 

You can sign up and get a $250 off Voucher by clicking HERE. If you are in the market for a safe come by and get educated so you can make the right decision on your next safe purchase.

We are Located At 1397 W Sunset BLVD #115 St. George UT 84770 Come Check out Southern Utah Largest Safe inventory.

Southern Utah Safe and Vault specializes in Fort Knox and Browning, Champion, and Superior Safes and Vault’s. We are proud to offer a superior products like Fort Knox they offer one of the best quality, craftsmanship, and protection. Fort Knox is so confident of this fact, that they are the only manufacturer to offer a true comprehensive lifetime warranty. This includes the lock, interior, handle/bolt work, mechanism, clutch, and body of the vault. 

The Browning Brand safes has come to represent “The Best There Is For An Affordable Price” in firearms, outdoor products, and safes, each year adding new innovations, launching new products, and doing more for our customers – essentially just following the great tradition of innovation started by John Browning.  

We Serve St. George in preserving and protecting your priceless data, documents and valuables, and ensuring the safety and security of your people and facilities so you can focus on what matters most. We work with clients who want legendary customer service.

There are important considerations to kept in mind when buying a safe. Our home security safes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. To help you buy the one which best meets your needs we have put together . As you brows for your new safe, carefully read the descriptions and consider the claims made. While we offer high quality safes from highly respected manufactures, you’ll want to compare claims like being Fireproof and Thickness information. You’ll also want to pay close attention the the size and weight of the safes you’re interested in. This is important for many reason; not the least of which is moving and placing your safe once it arrive  


Your Home is your castle and should be one of the safest places on earth for you and your family. Increasing crime rates in recent years have come to threaten this in many minds. At the same time, years go by and people collect an increasing number of varied valuable items. These items may include jewelry, special documents, family heirlooms, firearms and more. It has become increasingly important to secure these items not only to protect them but to provide peace of mind. Home thefts are on the rise and the best defense requires early preparations. One of the best places to start is to buy a high quality safe, securing valuables and replacing worry with peace of mind.

Financing Avaliable
Flexible delivery
After sales support
Lifetime warranty

Black Friday Event


"Best place to get a safe or vault in Southern Utah! And they have a vault room on display that gives you a real idea of what the finished product could look like."

Amanda Benson

"Southern Utah Safe and Vault Specializes in Home and Business security. which is incredibly necessary with the growing number of thefts and burglaries, and having an in-home safe greatly adds to any other home or business security already in place."

Lauren Lane

"Southern Utah Gun and Safe has the best selections of safes I have found in St. George. Whether your on a budget or looking for a vaulted door they have it!"

Mitchel Staheli

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