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Residental Safes

What are the precious things to keep in a home safe? Is it some cash, a few papers, a gun or not expensive but very valuable present? no matter what it is southern utah safe and vault can help you.

Gun Safes

We have a wide range of guns safe to keep you guns safe out of harms way


Safe Moving Service

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Commercial Safes

Commercial safe is designed to keep sensitive documents and cash of either a small firm or a big corporation from being stolen, or keep safe from a fire.


Financing is Available

We can arrange financing for you with the best rate. .

Who We Are

We are Southern Utah natives who have watched it grow from the small town with places like Nisson’s Food Town, Burger Place, and Dixie College to the fast growing city it now is. With this growth we are seeing crime rates increase so we wanted to make sure we could protect our families and their valuables the best way possible! 


"Best place to get a safe or vault in Southern Utah! And they have a vault room on display that gives you a real idea of what the finished product could look like."

Amanda Benson

"Southern Utah Safe and Vault Specializes in Home and Business security. which is incredibly necessary with the growing number of thefts and burglaries, and having an in-home safe greatly adds to any other home or business security already in place."

Lauren Lane

"Southern Utah Gun and Safe has the best selections of safes I have found in St. George. Whether your on a budget or looking for a vaulted door they have it!"

Mitchel Staheli

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