American Rebel FR30 Freedom 30 Gun Safe


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Dimensions: Outside: 60.00″ H x 34.00″ W x 24.50″ D (Add 2.5″ for handle)

Weight: 625
Fire Rating: 1 Hour
Gun Capacity: 30 Long Gun

  • Weight: 625
  • Fire Rating: 1 Hour
  • Gun Capacity: 30 Long Gun


  • 4-1/2″ Thick Double Plate Steel Door
  • 7/16″ Reinforced Door Edge
  • 1200 degrees Fahrenheit 60 Minute Fire Rating
  • Double-Steel Door Casement
  • 12-Gauge Steel Walls
  • 1″ Diameter Door Bolts
  • Four-Way Active Boltworks
  • Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate

American Rebel FR30 Freedom 30 Gun Safe

American Rebel has released the new 60-minute fire-rated textured finish Freedom 30 Gun Safe. Each model has some great features that make this the perfect gun safe for those with up to 30 rifles, handguns, and other valuables they need to protect. This size is ideal for all of your items with outside dimensions of 60.00″ high by 34.00″ wide by 24.50″ deep. Remember to add 3″ to the depth for the handle, lock, and hinges. The inside shelving features a top shelf to store your valuables. This shelf is adjustable up or down, depending on your preferences. 

The overall thickness of the American Rebel Freedom 30 Gun Safe door is 4-1/2″ thick. It is made with a double steel door casement and has a 7/16″ reinforced door edge. The body is made with 12-gauge steel. This gun safe has 1″ diameter door bolts to prevent pry attacks on the door. The boltwork is a four-way active boltwork which means it is on all four sides of the door. There is a diamond-embedded armor plate as well. The outside is protected by a Digital Electronic Lock.

American Rebel had the Freedom 30 tested with a fire rating of 60 minutes at outside temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. A five-spoke handle on the door is standard. Each model is painted with a grey textured finish. American Rebel includes a Lifetime Warranty with each purchase.

If you have any questions regarding the American Rebel FR30 Freedom 30 Gun Safe, please call us at 435-767-7878.


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